We start doing interesting!!!


Our dream is “Build the world that all the people who live on the earth are not hungry”.
It’s also our life mission.

It means that we build borderless one world which all the people who live there are not hungry regardless of nationality, mother tongue, gender, occupation, race or religeon, and even if they are adults, children, elder, young, illness or handicapped.


We think throughout this mission there are shomething we have to consider.

How many gaps in wealth can we fill what if all the people can live without relying on money?

It is the best that we can part with money.
But it’s too difficult for the people in this world.

How many people can live in happy what if they could obtain what they need by exchanging skills between them?

What if we could live by exchanging skills between us…


And with that, first, we decided to start doing interesting!

We treat you to something!
And in return, you do what you are good at!

It’s a project which is for equal exchange.
You pay for being treated to something by your skills.


What do we treat you to?
We choice it by place, time or number of paticipients.
So you can’t know it until then!

What will you do for us?
It’s up to you.
We never ask you anything.
You can do whatever you think as equal exchange!


Sign up if you want to come this party!
The sign up is prepared on our web site.
You can save your travel expenses if you are tourist!!!


And we wrote it on our web site what the concept of this project and detail of 1st Gochi party are.


Our web site:

*This site is written by Japanese for now.
Don’t disappoint! Google translate is available on this site. You can find it at the bottom of this.

Sign up:

facebook page:




We hope this project will grow to the community that we could live by exchanging skills between us.


what if we can go around the world just by exchanging skills between us…

Imagine that.

You get excited, right?

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